Lakes & Long Exposures

Staring up at a million stars surrounding Pillar Lake, I wondered how many more there were in the sky that I simply could not see. I had my heart set on my first attempt at astrophotography and with the company of my step-dad I sat patient on the dock in the darkness, waiting for my shutter to close. Anyone who has done long-exposure photography knows that the 30 second, 1 minute and 5 minute exposures become the longest wait of your life to see if your photo has turned out the way you wanted it to.

In the time I waited for my photo to appear, I took in the absolute silence around the lake. Everyone else had long gone to bed, and was peacefully sleeping, while I was down on the dock, perched ever so carefully as to not bump my tripod as my camera captured the millions of stars above.

There’s something to be said about spending time out on a lake. During the day, it was buzzing with fishermen out to catch their trout of the day. Children screamed as their tiny toes dipped into the water accidentally. The lake was anything but still; alive with ripples of canon balls off the dock and fishing lines cast into the deep.

But at night it was a different story. At first, it seemed too dark to even fathom seeing anything other than blackness. But as our eyes adjusted, I could make out every cloud as they floated by and every star as they shone. There was no noise around us; except for the occasional splash of a toad jumping into the water, and the far off symphony of crickets singing away.

In those moments, I managed to capture my first ever shot of the stars, surrounded by clouds and the subtle glow of light on the trees from the campsites.

Our time spent camping was full of laughter and sun (and maybe a bit of beer). I will never stop being grateful that I live in beautiful BC, where we have so many naturally gorgeous places to enjoy nature.

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