Ieshia & Theresa Tie the Knot

Last summer, when Ieshia and Theresa got engaged, Ieshia told me what her vision was for the wedding; a boat, with sprawling views of downtown in the middle of the summer time, followed by watching the fireworks at the Celebration of Light.

During their engagement photo session back in November, Ieshia and Theresa described to me how incredible it would be to have wedding photos in front of the fireworks. At the time, no task felt too big for me, and I agreed fireworks would make for some amazing wedding photos! Leading up to this wedding though, I have to admit I was nervous. I had never photographed fireworks before; and unfortunately there’s not really a lot of opportunities to practice shooting fireworks around here. I read up online some tips and tricks and spent lots of time practicing shooting at night these last few months.

None the less, their wedding day went off without a hitch. A fun-filled day running around with these brides was followed by an evening sunset wedding in front of downtown with dinner, dancing and a spectacular fireworks show put on by team Japan at the Celebration of Light.

Their wedding day was full of love, and an undeniable sense of warmth and welcome, as 60 of their family and closest friends piled onto a boat and set sail around False Creek and English Bay. Ieshia and Theresa have a way of making everyone in their lives feel important and loved. No moment at this wedding felt too small to not try to capture. From getting their hair and nails done in the morning, to putting on their dresses together, to their cake (almost) tumbling over as they tried to cut it; every moment at their wedding was full of light and laughter.

Ieshia and Theresa’s vision for their wedding day came to life last weekend, and I am very excited to share a few snap shots of their big day! Now if only all weddings could include a grand fireworks show at the end…


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