I’m Sydney; lover of all things purple, enthusiastic story teller and sunset chaser.

Since the first moment my art teacher inspired me to pick up a camera in high school photography class, I knew I had found my passion. I started photographing students and small events for my high school’s year book; snapping action shots at football games, and fun-filled photos of peers at school dances. That same year, I also spent time volunteering with a local Vancouver photographer in her studio, learning the ropes. Seeing her in action, I quickly realized I could picture myself doing the same thing.

When I started studying to become a Registered Nurse in university, I also began practicing my portraits with every family member and friend that would hold still long enough for a photo. In my spare time, I dragged my friends along on sushi-fueled ‘photo adventures’ to watch sunsets and photograph the best views of the city.

This last year I have allowed my creativity to flourish and have come to realize nothing makes me happier than the smile I see on the faces of those I photograph when I show them the finished result. I consider every event that I capture with my camera to be a privilege. To me, photography isn’t just about a picture, but rather capturing the beauty behind each moment.